When you have your shirts printed using screen printing, your main options are, plastisol or waterbase ink. This video shows why you should go with waterbase inks when possible. If you are looking to have 12 or more shirts printed, fill out our quote form here... http://www.twincitytees.com/quote-form/
We test all our custom inks before we print them. ;) DISCLAIMER: Don't eat the ink! It's not a healthy way to live your life. We were actually consuming colored yogurt in the video.
Discharge ink is a variant of waterbased ink, which includes a discharging agent that with heat will remove the manufacturer's color dye from the garment. Because it removes the dye directly from the garment, we call it a "super soft ink", leaving almost no feel of the ink on the garments after one wash.
Screen printing on wooden boards for Inbound Brewco's new taproom store in Minneapolis, Minnesota! 6 hours of work put into 30 seconds. Printing What Matters. www.TwinCityTees.com

Because we love what we do so much, we thought we should share it with you too! A peek inside the screen printing shop at Twin City Tees in Minnesota.